Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guess what I will be doing at about 4pm Friday?

I am hoping before 4pm, but not going to puch my luck. I will walk out of my office - get in my car - and head towards the interstate. I will be heading northbound on 75 for about 4 hours until I get to one of my favorite places on earth....the Coker family home. I can not wait to see them! It has been 4 months, and I am having my withdrawls. I miss my boys! Cody is all excited since he will have the house to himself for 4 days. I am going up on Friday, but staying til Tuesday.

Ok, if it is not bad enough that the Church at the end of my street was torn down to make a school! Traffic is horrible since Riverhills is closed and this is the detour street. Now icing on the cake is that they are going to widen our street. Heard a rumor that they were going to do that, came home from work and there is orange spray paint on the ground outsidfe our fence. So the mailbox that was cememted into the ground about 40 years ago will need to come out! We will have to get a new mailbox. And to top it all off, there will be no more parking in the side of the street between the fence and the street. I will have to pull into the yard. Getting Oscar to stay in the house to come home - that will be fun to see!

Have you seen Lipstick jungle? I like the show, but afraid it will get the ax when the new shows come back. Heard that the Murder club show might have bitten the dust. I liked that one too! UGH. Well glad new shows coming soon!

More emails and blogs to read. Best be going! Will blog tomorrow!


Kip said...

Are you talking about where we used to crop?

Mary B said...

I can't seem to get into Lipstick Jungle, I like Cashmere Mafia better. (who knows if that's coming back or not???) Bummed about Murder Club, especially since they left us with the serial killer storyline hangin'. That just sucks.

Cheryl said...

Cody having the house to himself?/ Does that mean Mom is going too? That would be good for her. She hasn't seen the boys in forever.

I can't believe the changes to the old neighborhood. WOW!

We haven't gotten into any of the shows you described but have lost plenty of the ones we do watch.