Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where has this week gone?

I totally did not send birthday wishes to my neice Jessica who turned 20 two days ago. Bad Auntie Chele!

It is Thursday already and yes, I am so happy about that! Another Hilltop Crop this Saturdday, I can not get enough of these. I think this one is going to be fairly small. I have two friends from work that are just learing to scrap coming. I think a small one to start would be good for them. They are scared enough as it is. I keep telling them, no worries as Hilltop is one of the best group of croppers. They do not look down on you cause you are a new scrapper, and they are very helpful. I still learn something new every time there is a crop. Now I wish there was a few others that would be there so they could meet them, but hopefully in time they will!

Went to the movies again last night. Went to see Mad Money, no crying at all! No reason to. It was cute, it was a "could have waited for the DVD". movie. I did laugh, I do not know I guess I just expected more from it. I was in the mood for 27 dresses but it started 15 mins before I got off work, so we did not see that. I guess since I was in the mood for that movie the other one did not do it for me?

Another day at work that I will be 2 people. One of my co-workers will not be here and I am his backup when he is gone. That is fine with me as it makes the day fly by since I am so overly busy. And now I need to jump into things. My report I just ran finished, so time to jump into busy. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Cheryl said...

Had dinner with your neice last night. She granted me almost 2 hours..LOL. She LOVED 27 dresses.

Have fun this Saturday. I get to spend time with the SY gals or I might have joined you.

:Jayne said...

Wish I could be there! WR SOON!