Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello and Goodbye Tuesday

Thought I had better post before another night slips bye me. Guess what I got done yesterday? Yep, not a damn thing! I lounged around and was lazy. I could not get motivated at all!

Went to the doctors office this morning. Now, why do they fill the need to prescribe things that just do not make any head way of anything? I had to go in for blood work, and told them to please help me get rid of this damn cough that I have had since November. What do I walk away with? Same script that did not make it go away the first time, and 2 - no not one but 2 - allergy medicines! Asked if I had allergies I said no, I can not breathe correctly so how could I? They added allergy testing to the blood work, and yet still gives me 2 things! One pill, and one inhaler. WTF? I do not have allergies, and a inhailer will not get rid of this cough. My throat is a little on the red side, you think? Wouldnt yours be too if you have been coughing everyday since November? And duh my chest hurts from all the damn coughing! Can you tell I am a little miffed? But what the hell, I will take the darn medicine since they are they doctors and paid all this money to go to school to cure people.

Can you beleive the news about Heath Ledger? I am so sad that he passed. Poor little girl will not have his daddy. And he just got done filming Dark Knight, and was already filming another movie. For once Entertainment tonight did not start with Brittany crap, but of coarse she was second.

OK, I guess I better go take my 4 new pills to take - and my inhailer. Will write more tomorrow when I am in a better frame of mind.


Cheryl said...

My doctor tested me for allergies the last time & discovered I'm allergic to CYPRESS TREES. ???? That doesn't explain the constant draining. Good luck with your meds.

:Jayne said...

Sorry to hear that cough is still lingering. Why can't they prescribe happy drugs?


Jenn said...

Actually, you may find the inhaler works. You know how Dylan gets to coughing and the inhaler helps... something to ponder!

I am very sad about Heath Ledger, so is Heather.

You may find that you do have allergies too ;) Just be patient and take your meds...