Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust

Ok, so the weeks pass fast, but does the weekends too? Why cant time slow down on the weekends? Only good thing about that is Winter Retreat will be here before we know it.

Lets see what did I do yesterday since we missed out on the crop? I did my errands or yucky grocery shopping! I do not like doing it, now I would if I had Kips Publix. Ours near Linda and I is an old small one. There is a bigger one on Fowler for the college, but that one is still not as nice as Kips. I love going to that one. Made a couple of stamp deleveries, now I have more to do as well as some mailings.

Today I am going to meet up with Mary to deliver hers, and try that Jakes burgers place that she says is better than 5 guys. Cody is going with me since I showed them what they have, and he loves milkshakes so I am sure he will get one. I also have to go by Cheryl's house to get the toys I got from Cari. And the cubes she picked up at Big Lots for me. Thank you so much for finding a really good deal and calling me!

Right now we are watching the Ultimate Dog Challenge while I am typing this, kind of getting me side tracked as these pups are so adorable. Need to finish this and get the move on! Ok, so I will write more later today to let you know who reigns supreme (Iron Chef referance) Five Guys or Jakes.

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Kip said...

Well anytime you're coming to my Publix, you better give me a yell!!