Friday, January 04, 2008

Where did Thursday go and now it is Friday night....

Ok, it seems I lost Thursday somewhere? Did it happen? I do recall it did. But where is my blog post? Guess I did not do one. The movie "You got mail comes to mind where Tom Hanks types up some far fetched excuse as to why he stood up Meg Ryan, I could do that, but why should I? I just did not post. Real reason, which will seem like a lie, is that my son Cody was in a odd mood and he actually kept coming out from his room where his is 99.9% of the time and was talking to me. He is all about our next President so he was watching the Iowa caucas. Anytime something funny happened or he thought I needed to know he came in and told me. He made me take some CNN poll thing that depending on your ansers to the questions, it gives you the 3 people who are best for your replies. I will have to get the link from him again so I can share. My 3 ended up being Kucinich, Romney, and Gulliani. Cody busted out laughing even had to walk outside. I used to have a bumper sticker that I got in Salem, Mass "Last time they mixed politics and religon, people got burned at the stake". I wont go into politics here.

Bad news, but kind of good news at the same time. It has been a really long time since I had a migrane. Well, got one today. Forgot my regular pills to take the last few days. I had to take one of my Zomig's at work. Took it right before lunch, ran a few errands thanks to Alexis driving. Went to lunch, by the time we made it there I was fading fast. I asked the waitress for a package of crackers or something since I had taken it on an empty stomach and was spinning really bad. She came back a few mins later with a thing of bread instead. She thought that would be alot better for me then just a package of crackers. By the time the food got to the table I was already starting to feel better somewhat. I was atleast able to sit up right. After eating, I was able to walk a little better to the car. I stumbled into the eatery. Told Alexis that our boss would think I had a liquid lunch. I told him ahead of time I had to take the Zomig and I would be a little loopy for a bit. He responds back "Like we could tell the differance" Funny Funny man!

Have you seen Woman's Murder club? Love this show. Bad thing is that it is on Friday night at 9pm. Now for me to be sitting here about to watch it live, means only one date. Oh, well! So, what is on your agenda for this weekend? I need to do 2 birthday pages for Charla's birthday book that she found. Then I also need to make something for Alexis for her birthday. Her birthday is Monday, snuck up on me - bad me! I think I might do a altered letter for her too. Loved my "M" I got from Kip, so I am going to do one for her. Now bad friend Michele can not remember if it is Pink or Purple that she likes best. There is also a joke thing that we have about "Shoe's" So, I think I will Quickut out some shoes and put it on the letter also. Wish they had the 4x4 size instead of just 2x2. I will make do. I will make sure to take pictures. Have a wonderful weekend! Be safe!

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:Jayne said...

Your boss sounds like mine when I tell him about my vertigo attacks.
I hope you are better!
Your comment on me radiating goodness made me choke on my chex mix! LMAO!