Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend almost over and another one bites the dust

Did I get everything done? Nope! I did change my blog as you see, and the post from Saturday did not take. Everytime I change the blog it loses all my blog links. This time I copied them to a word document so it will be easier to add them back next time I change my blog background. I know I forgot a couple again, so if you are not on here right away - it is not that you are out of my thoughts - I am just rushing thru this to get things done today.

Went to Joanns yesterday to get the letter for Alexis's present. Ended up getting the A for her name, but also a B for "betch" it is a joke. I did not get the great big ones so she can keep it on her desk at work if she wants to. The B is even smaller than the A since it is a joke. I also ran into Staples to get more plastic sleeves for my 2x2 quickutz. Yes, I needed more sleeves that is why I had not placed them where they needed to go. And since the book is so heavy now I can bearly lift it I am going into book number two. I have been really good and not buying any in a while - thank goodness for that as I would not have been able to put them anywhere. This months is Valentines, and since I do not have a special someone I do not need to buy them all - maybe a couple. We will see. I do have a list that I am holding out for as wish lists - so I may just add them to that.

After JoAnns I came home took another Zomig and tried to go to sleep. I did not get as much as I wanted as the neighbors next door were home and the kids were outside yelling. Now only if I knew Spanish I would know what the hell they were yelling! So, naturally the headache did not go away, it was only brought to a tolerable state.

Cody had gone off with his fried Rob to get a guitar (Rob not Cody) and when they came back they were playing with Codys pedals. Mom was on the computer and I was playing Dr Mario so we had the sound off listening to them. Rob was also singing. If I could have recorded it I would have, I think Cody did though. It was really good.

I watched Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner. Now I know I have said it before, but I will say it again... I really like her! She is just so adorable and a cute actress! Movie was a chick flick, but was really good. Made me cry naturally, then made me made at one of the charchters, makes you cheer her on. Just all round cute. Some sex in it not bad sex just it is a PG-13. After watching that Cody and I (once Rob left) watched Hatchet. So, I go from a chick flick to a horror movie! It was gross and yet I was laughing! It was so over the top in some of the parts that I was laughing! Strage person I know.

Well, now that I have this most caught up, guess I better get busy making Alexis birthday present. I will post pictures tomorrow night. She does not read my blog that I know of, so I better not post now. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

Countdown to Winter Retreat is on baby!


elle said...

glad your headache is better! have fun today :)


:Jayne said...

Glad the headache is better and OMG love your picture! You look so young and innocent! HA! We so know better don't we?
Is it February yet?