Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday is here already again, man oh man

I can not believe this is almost Sunday afternoon already. I just got up. No, I did not stay up late last night either. I was in bed by 10:30. Oscar needed to go out at 6:30 this morning so he came and got me up to let him out. I went to the bathroom too, came back and let him back in. Thinking he would be begging to come back in after about an hour, I wanted to go back to sleep so I let him in. Instead about 8:45 he came in again wanting back out! I no more than just about got into a good sleep and he woke me up. I left him out that time. Once again got into a good sleep, and my mom woke me up at 11:30. I needed to get up this time, but did not want to. Not feeling well, it will be TMI so I wont tell, you get the hint.

Yesterday, there was a small get together at Debbie's beautiful home over in Seminole. Not a far drive at all. There was Linda, Elle, Kip, Debbie, Teresa, her mom JoAnn, Michelle (Meg Ryan), her mom Barb, Donita, Joyce, Cathie, and myself. Stop by Kips blog, if you haven't already (Jenna you can too) so you can see this wonderful dream home. And especially see her really sweet baby Winston. Elle and I got kisses, and he just loved playing with us. I did start one thing as a prototype for Winter Retreat and the girl baby album. I did not feel well so I did not work on much. I did also start a few cruise pages. I did not have my quickutz with me or I would have finished all of the baby album. About an hour before leaving I looked at Debbie's cricut cartridges, and she had a "new arrival" one. She said earlier if we wanted to use them we could, I did not think to look. Dummy me! So you know what I will be doing today....cutting out baby things and finishing up this book.

Well, need to go get busy. Need to look at a few more things on line, then get my butt in gear. Yeah Green Bay and Pats, another win behind you - one step closer to Superbowl! Oh, we are having Pioneers Woman's pot roast minus the onions for luper (late lunch early dinner nope I did not spell it wrong lol).

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:Jayne said...

Oh MY Gosh! I can't believe you cheered the Packers AND the patriots in the same sentence!!!!
LOL! Didn't my Brett look so much handsomer than that playboy who plays for NE?