Monday, January 14, 2008

Fingers crossed for Dylan

Jennifer is on her way to Tallahassee for Dylan's doctors appointment. She has had a big hassle with insurance. One insurance dropped her and did not notify her, then they put her on another - and yet they dropped her too. All along no one informed her of any of this. And it is not like she has healthy children. Two of them must be on insurance, especially Dylan! She called and informed his ashma doctor, she is getting some samples for her to have until she can get the insurance mess straight. And today is the growth doctor, they are going to make sure she still has the shot medicine too. He will not miss out on his medicine until this bull is straight. They are back to one car, so getting up at 4:30am to take Josh to work then come back get a little sleep get back up to take Tyler to school, was not fun on the boys. I really hope Gavin is well behaved at the doctors. He is stubborn really bad when he wants to be. Jennifer has enough on her plate today, she does not need him being a bad little boy. Lucky they do have one of those DVD players for in the car, so on the 2 hour ride back he will either sleep or watch a movie. This morning on the way to the doctor when I called her, they were watching Chicken Little. I told her to call me on the way back to let me know how much more he has grown. I think he has, but we will see. Fingers crossed he has.

OK, back to work - reports are ran and ready to be worked. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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:Jayne said...

I hope they get good news. I didn't realize she was so close to Tally.
Keeping all body parts crossed.