Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday is here

Are you ready for the weekend? Man am I! 4:30 can not get here fast enough! I am so tired and since I am tired I am annoyed at these collectors that are especially loud this morning. Helping me wake up, but man lower your voice! The ones that are not that loud and that I like are not here yet. The ones that are here now I can not wait for them to leave. Now they are talking next week, but we have been hearing that since November of last year.

Way back at the Orlando crop that Linda and Elle and I started 2 baby books (like Diana's wonderful Dream book), thought I was doing great that they were not due until the first part of January. Well, here it is the first part of January and do you think I remembered to finish the books after that crop? Nope! The other crops I have been to since then I had other things I needed to work on. So I changed out what was in the crop tote and pushed it to the side. Yesterday Denise gives me the names of the kids and says, I need the one for the baby boy on Friday, and the baby girl on Monday. I only had the pages folded and the covers half covered. Better than nothing at all being started and have to do the entire thing. Yes, my mom was nice enough to help with some of the making so I could work on a different part. She did the scoring of the spine part while I cut out the mats. Thanks to my mom I finished it. Since I was rushing to get done, things were not working out for me correctly. But it is done and I like it. Now in a couple of hours when she makes it here to work I will give it to her. Tomorrow I will work on the baby girl one. Have to make this one special since it is for her grand-daughter. The paper is the Bo Bunny baby paper that is 2 sided. The girl one is exactly like the blue boys, but in pink. I will not be rushed to make the other one. My fault for starting once again another project and not finishing it. That was one of my many goals for the New Year. Finish what you start!

Guess, I better get off of here and get busy working to get this day behind me. Tomorrow I will be cropping, Sunday not sure yet. I know the hundreds of things I need to do, but lets just wait and see. Have a wonderful day, I will be checking in over the weekend.

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Kip said...

I'll see you tomorrow..can't wait!!