Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am keeping my word

I am posting 2 times in one day - wow can you believe that? I actually am doing what I said I would and blog again.

Today was slow moving, and not working for me too well. I went to go to Linda's to match up paper - left the paper I needed to match up at home! Lucky for me I was only half way there and she lives close, so it was not too much of a turn around drive. I was also going to meet up with Mary to bring her order to her, and left that at home too. So, when I went to get the paper I had to get the order for her as well. Can we say dummy? So, after a quick turn around I was off to Linda's house. Only about 2 hours later than I wanted to get a move on. I got the paper that will work for my project, so that is on the works.

After Linda's house I was off to meet Mary at Jake's. I have not been down Dale Mabry in a long time, I thought Jake's was in the same plaza where the old movie place was - I was wrong! As we are driving by the correct one, I said to Cody "Oh wow I have not seen that one before what all is in there". He started listing off places Home Goods, this, that, and Jake's! I am in the far other lane about to turn left when I should be turning right! So, I called Mary and said uhm I am late and I am in the wrong lane! Cody and I are torn on the Jake vs Five Guys. I did like their hamburger, but I think I like five guys more. Jake's fries are better, I like crispy fries. And oh my goodness their milkshakes! Five Guys does not have them - or I have not noticed them there. Cody had a Malt instead and said it was really really good! I had a Chocolate and Banana milkshake, and man was it yummy! They leave it in the metal glass so it stays cold. I did not feel too well before I went, and I started feeling really yucky a little after. Walked down to home goods, actually got Cody to go in there with me. Well, after home goods we had to go to Sam Ash, so it was only equal fair. Now, mom is gonna kill me for this (I will make it up to you), before we went to Sam Ash, next to Jake's was Mikes Pies. They claim to be the best ever etc! Well, Cody wanted to try it so he had their Apple Crisp. It was good, but I did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked to have. I was supposed to go to Cheryl's but did not make it *sorry). Sam Ash won out since Cody needed something for class tomorrow. Nothing like remembering when we were driving by the first time.

Now rethinking a few things for class, and watching the SAG awards. I was going to take a nap but I am still holding out, just hope I make it. I think I will be in bed at 10:15. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


:Jayne said...

You made me hungry! Okay, you have to show me this place next time I'm in Tampa!


Jenn said...

I make a pretty decent homemade apple crisp. That stuff is no good for you! Remember, last cheating day. I'm gonna be that voice in your head.. :) We must look good if we're going on that big cruise w/ Lori next year! LMAO LMAO LMAO (j/k)