Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Tuesday Morning

Quick post before I have to get started at work. How was your Monday? Mine was ok, work was as good as it could be. Guess what? I am officially under the Business Operations umbrella ella ella (sorry side tracked in a song). Even though my direct supervisor since May of last year has been in the Billing Department, I was still under the head count for customer service. As of this past Friday I am now under Finance - Credit & Collections, still not the Billing Department. But I am officially under the right umbrella. I will still do what I am doing with the same supervisor, just not official. As long as I get a paycheck and collect my time served, and do not have to go back to customer service - I do not care! I am 3 weeks away from 10 years. I started in January 1998 as a temp, and they hired me on in February 1998, so my actuall anniversary is next month. With the 10 years, I get another week of vacation. So, I am now up to 4 weeks vacation. We also have 7 paid holidays (that I actually can take and not have to work! CS makes you work atleast 2 as overtime-this year it was mandatory all that work on a Monday had to work MLK day - if you wanted it off you had to take a vacation day - that is bullcrap) We also get 3 personal days to take off. So we actually get 10 paid holidays, but 3 we can choose the day off. And for sick time, we do get to carry that over if we do not use it. Started off with one week when I started, I am now up to almost 11 1/2 weeks! I have 458.78 hours accrual. We get 6.67 hours added in each month, since I usually do not take sick time it racks up. Now we do max out at 500 hours. Lets see that is 41.22 more hours, so in 6 months I should max out. How cool is that? If something should happen, I have the time to take. Oh also for having a 10 year anniversary I got to choose a gift from the company. At my 5 year I got a nice silver Fossill watch. For 10 years I will get a Brighton leather handbag. It looks more like it is a small wallet type purse that a purse the size I need. But what the heck it is a Brighton!

Being that it is Tuesday, you know where I will be at 11:30am - Buffalo Wild Wings. Pretty sad when nos 2 waitresses know your order before you need to tell them. April and Sarah usually are in our area. We sit in the same seat each week. Oh yeah, Rob has been having lunch with Alexis and I. And the last 2 weeks they sat at the table with us instead of the table next to us. Today John is not here and Rob has to show someone from division our new office, so he might not go. I told him he was just making an excuse since John was not going. Tomorrow is his birthday so I was going to buy his lunch for him, free lunch how can he pass that up? Well, not really totally buy I jave a free 6 wings that I will use so I am getting off pretty good.

Ok, I rambled. Guess I made up for not posting yesterday. Hope everyone has a good day, and I hope everyone is feeling better!


:Jayne said...

Congrats on 10 years!
Have a good day!


Mary B said...

yum, the parmesan-garlic wings are awesome. (Well, they are all awesome, actually). I think we are doing a take-out order for Sunday.

I remember the "mandatory" holidays at TRP. You had to work 2 of 3, MLK, Pres. Day or Good Friday, but you got overtime for it. Here, they aren't even considered holidays. Blech!

Cheryl said...

Good Grief that's alot of time off. I'm just happy that after almost 5 years as a "NON-Official" employee with NO benefits, I'm an Official employee with benefits and Paid holidays/time off. We get 6+ hours a pay period "Paid time off" but it's all the time, there is no vacation or sick time. We do get 12 paid Holidays so I guess that's like two weeks off a year.

Elizabeth said...

Howdy! Just checking in to see what you are doing with yourself - I am counting that days until WR

Kip said...

Congrats girl, that's a long time! And good for you! In the school system, you get squat for longevity..not a damn thing.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Congrats on your time. You're such an asset to that company, they should give you much more then a Brighton bag, although those are SO classy & pretty.