Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a safe fun filled evening last night and enjoying today! I had the best NYE in a long time! Take away the one that I was in London and Paris, and this one is the best of all others! Linda is just the best "hostess with the mostess". Just so much fun to be around, and then throw Kip, Jayne, and Kathy into the mix and we have a wonderful time! And Miss Mia Kitty was especially loving this time. She has been the last few times, but this time she also jumped up on my stuff for me to love her. Boo Kitty stayed away this time, so Mia was getting all the loving.

I just hate that tomorrow is back into the grind at work. But I only have Wednesday to Friday of work and then it is the weekend! I have this weekend free, and then the next 3 are crops! Does it get any better than that? OK, I need to get running to catch up on all I did not do. Like that will happen, but one can try.

Have a wonderful evening!

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