Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Dyl boy grew one inch

That now makes it 2 inches in 5 months! Prior to the shots he has been receiving, he did not grow one inch in 2 years. The shots are working, he was so excited. Gavin gave Jennifer a little bit of a problem and acted up, but he could have been alot worse.

Guess what, June 2-6 I will be babysitting again. Jennifer has to work that whole week and does not have a babysitting. She will be home each night at 5pm, so i will see her while I am there. The kids will be out of school all day. I beleive Cody might go up there with me if he is not working at that time. No he has not started working yet, but better be soon.

Short post, but forgot to share the wonderful news. I was busy with CTMH and Winter Retreat stuff last night so I forgot to post.

Have a wonderful day!

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Elizabeth said...

Catching up with you today - I am so glad to hear Dylan's good news.