Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today was a bust!

Oscar woke me up at 6am, and I did not want to get up. So, I went back to bed, he came back in once more before I finally caved and got up. It was after 12! Yes, I did not get up until after noon! I wish it would have been a solid sleep since I am so far behind on some sleep. But then I am also behind on some other things too. Luckily next week I work only Monday and then I am off the rest of the week. I can get some stuff done at that time.

I did not miss my friend Sue on the computer this morning (well afternoon) as I was afraid I did. Since she is in England there is a bit of a time differance. Last week when I talked to her she informed me that her oldest son David interviewed to get into Oxford as there was a few spots open. Today she informed me that he received the letter accepting him. So, David is going to Oxford but not until September, but still it is Oxford. His brother Christopher is in town for the holidays. He lives up in London while his mum lives down in St Ives. Next week he is going to have a benifit concert for his mate that was killed a little bit ago. Tom was up in London visiting Chris and was killed by a bus walking back home to his flat. Christopher took it really hard, and still is having a hard time coping.

Guess what I just bought from the store? Some peppermint schnopps! I was in the mood, and now can not remember the recipee! Guess I will look it up and have some in a bit! Gonna run, gotta wrap some presents, still not done yet - UGH!


:Jayne said...

What recipe? One cup of dark hot chocolate, one shot of schapps. Whipped cream if you want it! Or isn't that the recipe you are looking for? LOL!


Kip said...

I agree with Jayne...not much of a recipe...take cap off, drink it, lol!!!

Jenn said...

Maybe I need a good drink to lift this fog in my head! Have fun! Love u