Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nice day at work today

We had our lunch, gift exchange, and peer recognition. The lunch was supposed to be pot luck and they provided the ham and turkey. Well, the guys in my specific department did not bring food so they were going to go out and our bosses boss was paying. They were going for Sushi, and I rather have that than ham or turkey any day! So, Alexis and I went too. We are so glad we did as it was so good! She and I will probably go another day and split it. The peer part, Elaine got that, she deserved it. Alexis told me she nominated me - that was so nice of her! She is too funny, she said - you did not get it cause we did the shopping! Well, I would have loved to have received it cause we out did ourselves on it! Elaine even said - this is the best one she has seen in 2 years, and not saying that because I won! It was Christmas themed with a really nice matching design of Snowman stuff. I am debating on going back and getting it myself. Next was our Christmas gift exchange. People took what I got 6 times! I opened the most gifts. The last time I just took my gift I bought (I did want it) and hoped no one took it and they did not take it from me. One girl got a Walkman disc player - the old school one. She is in IT department so you know she is extremely techie - and I knew she was disappointed. She is donating her gift to a child shelter needy type place. I gave her my gift. It was a really cute hot chocolate thing from Bed Bath and Beyond. She loved it and even already sent me a myspace responce thanking me. She is just too sweet!

My friend Alexis and I exchanged gifts today. I gave her the wonderful cat albumn that Diana designed and the TLC Jingle book that I did. She loved it and was already thinking of pictures that was going in them. She gave Cody and I a bunch of horror DVD's and an action one with Jason Statham and a gift card to Cheesecake factory. I have never been and have been wanting to go! I am so excited! I will probably take Cody with me and bring home a peice of cheesecake for Mom. Will see if maybe all three of us can go. Lunch is cheaper than dinner - so that might work.

Well, need to go for now. More cards again I need to make - man I keep forgetting people at work - UGH! Take care!

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Jenn said...

So glad you had a nice day... "whats happenin hot stuff"