Saturday, December 08, 2007

In georga again

Made it up here a little latter than I wanted to, but the boys were still up! I drive up and get greeted by a smiling little face "hey chell" - that makes the drive all wort while! It was Gavin! Come in and get my hugs and kiises from all the boys - including Josh! And Emma Ashleys daughter is here for the weekend so I got a hug and kiss from her too.

Jennifer and Josh went up to get Gavins bed, he kind of out grew the other bed (crib) when they get back Josh and Cody (Cody does not know it yet) are going to put it together. And Jennifer Emma and I have to go to the store. Need to get the items for the party. Gonna be different for Jennifer with a girl instead of the boys. She is too funny, "man are girls different that boys" lol She took the three boys and Emma to Walmart yesterday, only for a little bit! So needless to say everything forgotten yesterday will need to be gotten today!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will probably post tommorow night after the baptisism and after Dylans party. Fingers crossed there will be no blood!

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