Thursday, December 06, 2007

oops 4 days no post

Guess where I am heading again tomorrow? Yep, Georgia! Dylan has a birthday tomorrow, and Jennifer is having a party on Sunday. It will be late afternoon so I am taking Monday off to drive back. Cody is going with me. He will ride the bus up to my work, and we will go from there so I can just hop on the interstate there in Brandon. I can not wait to get up there. It has been only 2 weeks since I have been there, but I got so sttached to being there that I am already having withdrawls. I wont have Gavin all to myself this time since Cody is going with me. That is his bubby, I am second fiddle when he is around. I will still get some time, but not as much. Cody is attached to them just as much as there are to him.

Can you beleive I am still coughing? I am ok other than the lingering cough! Will try to take care of myself this weeked so I do not get it back. Cant be sick a whole week again! Well, need to pac, so I will talk at ya later.

Did you see the picture of my neice Jessica and her new beau over on Cheryl's blog? I have not heard the scoop yet. I told her a long time ago - what her boyfriends had to be like, so lets see.


Jenn said...

The forecast is for WARM weather, close to the 80's! So, it should NOT be freezing this weekend....although its been freezing the last few days. Damn this weather.

Glad you'll be here and I will get to see you this time.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for taking the gifts. Hope you have a great time. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

I'll fill you in on "Kris" when you get back.

elle said...

have a great time this weekend :) hope that cough clears up soon!

be safe.