Sunday, December 09, 2007

Day is almost over

Well, the day started off wonderful! Jennifer was shaking like crazy - but she did wonderful! I love Jennifers chuch, there are some really wonderful people there. They love the boys and the boys love them. I am so glad she has that church in her life! Came home to a little hateful drama. But it was done to try to ruin Jennifers day. She did not need that today, and naturally they just had to try to ruin it. The party was 95% great. Naturally there was a couple of drama moments - but very little which I am so glad! Dylan was a little upset his friend from scholl was playing with Tyler instead of him. Gavin got a big bump on his head - but now you would not know it - he is going crazy. Tyler and Dylan are in bed since they have school tomorrow. We will leave after Jennifer takes the boys to school. I do not want to leave but have so much stuff to do when I get home. And then work on Tuesday.

I forgot my camera, so once Jennifer uploads her pictures I took today I will share tomorrow. There are some really great once - and even of Cody! Yes I will have some pictures of my son!

Well, gonna run and spend some last time with Jennifer and bugga. Hope everyone has a wonderful night.

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elle said...

glad you're having a good time! drive home safe :)