Friday, December 28, 2007

I guess I need to pay attention to the news more

Did you know that car insurance is going up? I guess I need to not only watch the news, read the paper, or pay attention to those bill message things that come in the mail. I usually just pay it, not paying attention to anything else. Well, I went on line to pay my car insurance and noticed it was more than usuall. First thought "damn forgot to pay it last month", but then realized it was not double the amount. So, I thought I would actually look at the bill. Seems that our gov Christ made it mandatory for PIP to be added back on to all car insurance (thought I had it-guess I did not). So since I did not they added 37.00 to this bill, but then it will be about 24.00 to my future bills. So, this means both my medical insurance went up and my car insurance went up. I do not even know what my raise is yet, but there is not one now and I am sure I am not ahead of the game. I will have to figure it out once I get my check next week. I did not get my reveiw yet, so I am clueless as usual on everything!

Well, guess my mind was just made up for me if I was going to head out to RR sale today. I have a Hilltop GC and a Whimsodoodle GC that is burning a hole in my pocket. Guess I have other things I need to do instead. I have lots of things to work on and do not feel like it right now, but I guess keeping busy will be for the best! Will be scrappin this weekend and lots of weekend in January, that will help get some things done - maybe. I am so VERY behind!

Oh and I have 4,389 things to do - but still had to read a few blogs and smile over PW's new puppy! That is one heavy sleeping puppy. Messing with his ears and does not wake up - wow! So adorable!


:Jayne said...

Isn't it nice that when we do get a raise and we think "ooo I might have a bit extra now" things go up! MIss you!


Jenn said...

I really really really hope this is just a FLORIDA thing with the insurance. I seriously can NOT take another finanicial thing AT THIS moment!!!! Sorry about that.. I hate all the unexpected expenses.