Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After Christmas post

Ok, I just made a mistake and went shopping today! On the good sie is I bought some great things for my neice for next Christmas to decorate. I got her a really nice table cloth that will last a long time. Then I also bought for my secret stocking person, and then a few things for our house.

Oh one thing I got for 60% off was some of those k-cup coffees! They were on a table that said coffee was marked down, but naturally it did not ring up that way. The young cashier still gave it to me. Now, I do not need to buy anymore coffee for a little while or my mom will have a fit! At Wal-Mart they also had Gerridelli coffee things for 1/2 off - so I just had to buy a couple of those too! My mom and Cody can probablly drink coffee for 2 months and still have some left over! I have a tendency to go crazy on some things.I just wanted to make sure they had coffee!

Now I have got to tell you about yesterday....Went over to Cheryls for early dinner. Halfway made the broccilli casserole ad told her it needed to go into the oven for just a little longer. We held off the last step until we got there. Well, we told her how long and the temp for the oven. A little while later we started smelling something funky. Cheryl asked "was I supposed to take off the lid" well all just busted out laughing! I grabbed my mouth so I would not make a smart remark, instead Jessica said it for me! Then of coarse we all laughed again! It still came out fine and we all ate it (thank you Diana). Can you beleive I forgot to take pictures? I am so bad! I did take a few of Cody when he came back from his dads house (after Cheryls house). He got the best presents ever from that side of the family. His uncle got him a pair of sleep pants, his grandmother got him 2 Indian t-shirts (will have to show the pix), and his dad gave him nothing! Yep, nothing! Oh but he claims he will be giving him money in February when he gets his royality check. I will beleive that when it is in the bank! Do not see it happening!

Mom was funny, I gave her the Bind-It-All for Christmas, and she says to me "oh there was a web site that you could get the space bar". Little did she know until we went to Cheryl's that Cheryl got it for her along with the tool kit. Now She will need a 101 lesson from a few of you pros that already have it and have been working away using it. There is a book she wants to get, but I told her "I know people" that could make things alot better than any book! Speaking of 101 lessons - I need a lesson on soldering. But I also need to get the other stuff first to do the soldering to. Cheryl got me the tool for Christmas, now I just need the other things - whatever that is. Kip, Jules, Diana, and Elle HELP!

Thank you Linda for the choices of crackle paint! I went into work today to do my timesheet and when I did my friend Alexis gave me a box with some crackle paint. Alexis is a very beginner scrapper so she had no idea colors she left it up to Linda, and she did a perfect job! Now I just will probably get a couple more with my GC from Kip. And the TH ruler if there is still one to get.


Cheryl said...

I've been waiting for you to "tell on me"! LOL. I finally blogged alittle about it myself. I'll get pictures up soon and email them to you.

Sounds like you did good on your shopping.

:Jayne said...

I am hoping someone will do a soldering lesson at WR. I got a soldering iron from Susie for my brithday.
It sounds like you had a happy day and tell Alice I'm jealous she got a bind it all.
MIss you!


Kip said...

sounds like you had a great Christmas and Love the broccoli story, go Cheryl, lol!! Sounds like something I'd do!
I see Cody's dad came through for him again, NOT...what a waste...Love you!

Jenn said...

I can't wait to see the table cloth. I'm lol at the coffee -- I know how your "making sure you have enough" can go. :) Big heart!!!

btw, Cheryl did something that sounds like a Jenna Mistake. I really probably would have done the same thing!