Thursday, November 15, 2007

Morning of Day one in Georgia

Yep, I woke up to smiles! Got a few hugs and kisses. Gavin thought it was funny to make me wait. "In a minute" he said and then chuckled, but then he caved in. In a little bit I am going up to the boys school to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. Jennifer, her mother in law Wanda and I are going. Gavin is at school , in a different school from Dylan and Tyler so he will not be there. After that we are going to pick up last min things at Walmart for her cruise. We are using that as an excuse to stay in town until we have to pick the boys up from school.

I did stop at both Hobby Lobby and Griffins, HL did not have a good sale, so I walked out with nothing. Proud of me? Well, now Griffins was a little different of a story. I did get me a pair of crocs. They had some really cute ones and I had not seen them anywhere in Tampa. And of coarse a little something something for my stocking person. It was not on their list, but it was a stocking stuffer idea, so I got it.

No big plans for tonight. But I will post again to keep you updated.

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