Friday, November 16, 2007

Day 2 - day one alone

Jennifer and Josh are off for the ride to the boat. They left a few mins before I took the boys to school. They got up and had their breakfast, got dressed, Dylan did his breathing treatment. And all had a nice ride to school. There was frost on the cars and frost on the fields. A church I drove by said it was 36 degrees. Quizzed Tyler one last time on his spelling words. The words are so close together, hope he pays attention to which word the teacher says. For example he has bright, brighten, and brightness. A few other words are that way too. I am hoping Dylan makes it thru the day at school. He is so worried about his mom and dad not coming back. I will keep them busy tomorrow, Sunday take them to Church and then my sister Lori, her other daughter Ashley, and her daughter Emma are coming over to visit on Sunday. Then Monday back to school and when they get home from school a little later they will be home.

Gavin is eating breakfast right now and watching tv right now. Not sure what we will do today. I know I have to go to the post office to mail a package to Daryl who is in Iraq. He asked Jennifer to send him some necessities.

Gotta run think he is almost done with eating. WIll kep ya posted. Oh, I gave the shot last night. I was fine until Dylan turned and looked at me real quick, thought I hurt him - he said I did not. Jennifer sai if I did he would let me know. So one down, 3 or 4 more to go. Thank goodness it is only once a day. The breathing treatments I have done in the past so I am fine. Just shots - with needles. But, doing what needs to be done so I can do it!


Cheryl said...

Good Job. Have fun with the boys & stay warm. Hope Josh & Jenn have a blast and don't worry about a thing.

Kip said...

You're doing a great job I'm sure Michele!!

Jenn said...

See, you did good!