Sunday, November 18, 2007

Man what a day

Church this morning, ok I looked at the time 3 different times - and yet still forgot and was rushed. I thought it was 10:30 nope 10! We made it no problem. Very nice Church, very nice and friendly people! I can see why Jennifer goes to that Church. There are others closer that she could go to - but nope! And I do not blame her! After Church the gang came over, and we went to the park up behind where Jennifer works. It was a nice day, wore the kids out, But now they are also coughing. I will be amazed of Dylan lasts all day at school. I am hoping. Gavin is getting a runny nose. Just my luck, Jennifer is due back tomorrow and the boys are getting sick. I have been taking great care of them, and then she comes back and they are sick? UGH! Gavin must have ran around the track 7 times - over 2 miles - he was tired! I bearly got him in the tub to wash him up and he started crying when I was almost done, I knew it was that he was fighting sleep. When getting him in his pj's he said yep Im sleepy. He laid down and was asleep within mins. Wishing he would sleep thru the night, nope he woke up a little bit ago. He did go back to bed, but I do not think he will stay there long. He might be sleeping with me tonight.
Jennifer and Josh comes home tomorrow - as I am typing this a Royal Carribean commercial comes on! I can not wait to hear all about their fun! I wanna know how Josh did! The house has been kept clean - dishes done and put away (hopefully in the right places - sorry if not) towels washed dried and folded. Did not do the kids clothes as she has them done a certain way, and she told me not to do them. I listed, cause if I did them wrong she would just have to do them again. My time here is almost over, it has flown by! It will be so hard to leave. Josh said jokingly that I would want to run for the door the second they get home, NOPE far from it! It will be hard to leave. Jennifer has done an awsome job with these 3 little boys! I mean Dylan getting the shots and he is consoling me? How sweet is that? Told me I did good tonight, asked me "not scared anymore?" Told him I still was cause I did not want to hurt him. He told me I haven't - that I have done good. Such a wonderful little man! Tried to post some pictires, but I can not figure out this computer to download then on. I will have to show and tell when I get home.

Well, guess i better get ready for bed myself. Got to get the boys up for school tomorrow. Hopefully Dylan will be able to go. I have not heard him cough in a while. I hope he did not over do it at the park today. Post again later. Bye

Darn just heard Dylan - UGH


:Jayne said...

It sounds like you are doing fine! We sure get out of "practice" quickly don't we? Have fun and enjoy the rest of your trip.


Cheryl said...

Sounds like you will need a nap when you get home!! Can't wait to see the pictures. So proud of you for taking care of all their medical needs. Make you appreciate Jenna even more, if that is possible. Hope they are having fun and can't wait to see their pictures.

How was Lori??

Mary B said...

Awww...what a sweetie! Enjoy them!

Hey, will I get to hook up with you at RR on Friday? :) Looking forward to it!

Jenn said...

:) Love u