Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 3 - Day 2 alone

OK, last night shot was not a good one. Dylan had a little blood drop - I freaked! He had to comfort me! He tells me, "It's ok, it happens sometimes - don't cry!" Ok, he is the one that got the shot and he had to console me! It did not bruise, so far no bruses! Tonight he wanted the shot in his stomach! Ok, I just get the arm down pat and he wants to switch it up to the stomach. He did not bleed tonight!

Started off the day at Chuick E Cheese, that was a bad idea! I split up the tokens and Gavin went thru his really guick so he wanted more. His brothers still had some so he did not like that fact that had some still. Trying to explain to a 3 year old that they take longer to play games - just does not work out so well. Luckily Tyler and Dylan finished their games shortly afterwards and they played on the slide. After CEC we went to see Bee MOvie. That was a bit better, Gavin did last almost thru the whole movie before he was ready to leave. He toughed it out for the whole thing, and slept on the way home. We had to go to Albany about 30 miles away to do this, so he had a small nap. Now of coarse full of energy. The three of them are playing right now. They just had their baths and now really full of energy. Letting them run wild so they will play them selves out (I am hoping). Bed time will be soon cause tomorrow morning we will be getting up and go to Church. Jennifer takes them, so I do not want to break up what they usually do. I am told they enjoy Sunday school, so we will see. Yes I am a bad person and do not go to chuch, so now taking three little ones - will be a task. The church is right near their school so I know how to get there. The lady that runs the high school child program that Gavin attends will be at the Church along with her husband. She was so nice she offered to come over and give the shots if I could not do it. So far so good. Tough but good.

After Church my sister Lori, neice Ashley, her husband Lewis, and their little girl Emma will be coming over. This will be the biggest test of the whole trip! Lori tends to be Emma this, Emma that, Emma everything actually! Forgetting there are 3 other grandchildren. And she is really tough on Dylan, Dylan breathes and she will say something! I will have to bite my toungue really hard to not go off on her the first time she does that! She was going to come over and stay the night tonight, but since Ashley would not let her take Emma tonight she did not come. I told her she could still come over and spend time with us and the boys - needless to say she is not here. That is ok, We are having fun.

Well, they are getting a little too hyper so I guess it is medicine time. Gotta do breathing treatments for Gavin and Dylan, and all three get allegery medicine they say taste yucky. I am so glad Jennifer left me a list. There is shots, breathing treatments, allegery medicine, and a pill also for Dylan. My memory is so bad I would forget who gets what and when, but doing it every day is easier. Just for the first couple of days I had to refer muself to the list.

Wish me luck tomorrow! It will be a real test a will power, more than I have had to have in a very long time! My mouth will be really sore I am sure before the day is over. I will blog once she leaves to let you know how I did.


Kip said...

I think you're doing a great job! I'll be thinking of you on Sunday! big hugs.

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Jenn said...

CEC is a challenge for even the most seasoned parent, like myself lmao! You are a brave woman. Even Josh says so.