Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wanna know what I hate about cleaning?

Once you do, you can not find certain items! UGH. I have my room almost back, and yet the one thing I needed tonight I can not find! I can not find my CTMH book! Of all things to not be able to find! I was going to go thru and see what I wanted to order for this month since I am finalizing the orders - and then my wish list (gotta narrow that down as there are alot). Luckily I have a few more books around. But mine is marked with what is discontinued and what I already bought. So instead I wrote down all my stamps so I can log them so I do not buy extras. I think I will also do that for my "customers" to help you not buy extras.

Tonight I am sleeping in my clean bed, clean sheets clean pillow cases, and nothing else but pillows! Put a blanket over the curtain so maybe it will be darker in my room. There is a street light that shines in my room quite brightly! I have not been sleeping at night again, so I am trying to figure it out. I need that sleep "eyebra" that Miss Elle (missing you Miss Elle hope your trip has been good in the RV) has. Looks like it is dark and comfie. Well, since I am yawning guess I better try to go to bed. Nite everyone.


:Jayne said...

Okay girl, knowing what you are sleeping in or not, is sometimes just tmi! LOL!
Yes right down all the stuff I buy so I don't duplicate. Especially since I can't remember what I buy from one month to the other!


susie said...

Gals, That is called CRS!!! LOL!!

Miss ya, :} Susie

Cheryl said...

You can't find anyting BECAUSE you cleaned your room? LMAOROF!!! Anyone that has never seen your room doesn't appreciate how funny that is! Seriously, GOOD GIRL. Now...keep it up!

Jenn said...

Did you get finished cleaning!??!