Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday already

Man did this weekend fly by! It needs to slow down, let the week go by fast but for every one min of the weekend I think it should equal 5 - I wont be greedy, just 1 ratio out to 5. Is that too much to ask for? I do not think so! But then again I did alot of nothing when I should have done alot of everything!

I did not make it to my room to clean until about noon yesterday - looking to start at it earlier today. I did alot and should have done more. But like a dummy I thought, I would listen to the shows on my DVR that I had recorded from the week that I have not watched yet - and of coarse a few times ended up watching them. 1st up was SVU. I just Christopher Malone! And the story line got me as it always does. so at least I fast forward thru the commercials - does that at least count? Next up was Criminal Minds, and yep sucked me in again! and once again fast forward thru the commercials! Only thing left since I watched everything else on Friday night was Ghost Whisper. Most of that I did not watch I listened - but then half was thru was sucked in to that - UGH! So, now it is 1/3 room cleaned but then moving around stuff to put stuff away it looks worse than when I started! By now it is 8pm. Well, AMC every year has a Monster fest so I flipped to that thinking OK, now this I wont get sucked in as it is a horror movie I have seen a zillion times. Nope that starts actually tomorrow. Nope instead it was "Hitchcock Saturday"! And I am a major Hitchcock fan! I missed all day shows - thank goodness or I would not get anything done! But yes my two all time favorites were someing on The Birds and Psycho! So most of the cleaning now consisted of during the commercials since it was live TV. I sat on the bed organizing oils during the show - and put away once the show was at a commercial. But nope I did not get it all put away. Should be able to do that today as long as I do not get sucked into anything. I should just put the damn music channel on so that is nothing to watch just a listen.

Well, gonna get caught up on some other blog reading and check my mail. Goal is to get in my room by 10am it is 9:26 now so I better get a move on! Have a great Sunday

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