Tuesday, October 23, 2007

oops monday went bye bye

So now Tuesday is here, these days! Yesterday was a hectic day at work. Not my fault but I almost caused a major hickup in Riverview and Brandon! Would have been almost 1500 unhappy people. Luckily I caught the error and then fixed it. It just kept rolling down hill from there. Now today was a better day, but still so busy.

Where is the October weather? We need cooler weather and California needs rain - major rain and fast! Man that is so sad about the castle that burned to the ground. All the Elvis items no longer exist, only able to save his Army pants. But movie scripts with hand written notes on it - wow!

I am so excited I found a friend that I have been searching forever for. Went to Jr High and High School with him - he lived down the street from us. Had a major mad crush on him since 6th grade. He moves away a few years ago, and I have been searching since then for him. Finally after once a month searches on Myspace - yep he was on there! I almost fainted, and yep goosebumps! Yes Cheryl, my old crush blue eyed 6ft hottie Jeff!

Well guess I better go, read some blogs mail - and check myspace again lol


:Jayne said...

Okay and ??? You found him, what else?? Come on, I just finished reading PW, where's some more romance! LOL!
Love the new blog look!


Cheryl said...

Jayne said what I was gonna say. SO??????

Great Picture. It makes me laugh.

Go check out my blog. I'm pouting!