Sunday, October 07, 2007

Still in awe

I do not care if I have to eat pb&J for a month I will take another Tim Holtz class. Both Tim and Mario were awsome! Just loved them both. Of coarse the group we sat with makes it great as well. Can not wait to see or hear about the classes I missed. We actually finished our projects, and loved the items! Since we have such wonderful talent right here - that is a task. But it was so well done. We did not use our directions, we just followed him, but we have them all typed out for future makings. He even said, he does not care of you teach the class exactly the same. So down to earth, and so just plain loveable! Easy eye candy and the personality to make him even more top of the pack. I can see why so many love him! If you were a "he is just another celeb" before the class, you came away saying "he is hands down the best"! Yes I did want my picture with him, but I did not get his autogragph - that was a little too much. Oh, Miss Elle won the best prize ever - his frame that he made for the idea to show for the class. Both Barb and Gerri-Anne won prizes. I was sandwiched between winners - GA and the lady on the other side of me! Actually, everyone in my row won - I did not as usual. Oh well, I still came home a winner as I was in Tim's class. Kip and Jules have pictures on their blog. I think Jules has the picture of me with Tim.

This coming weekend is Creepover, can not wait! Got lots to do before it gets here. I had all kinds of plans today to start the ball rolling. Well, got up early read the paper went grocery shopping. Started cleaning, sat down and then eased my way into laying down - and then falling asleep! UGH So yes the day was waisted. So now I have to get really busy this week! So, checking some mail and blogs and I better get off of here. Maybe I can do somethings in a bit. Watch brothers and sisters and cut out a little something something for Creepover!


Jenn said...

I hope you have fun this weekend! I'm glad you had a nice class! Sounds like a lot of fun. Don't worry about not winning, I never win anything either. Its a Christopher Curse.

:Jayne said...

I wish I could have been there to see Tim!
I'll think of you girls this weekend. Creepover last year was my virgin experience with the Hilltop girls. I am so glad I did that!
Miss ya,