Saturday, October 06, 2007

The count down to a long awaited day is here

In just a few hours I will be sitting with some of my Hilltop sisters and sharing in the excitment of taking a class by the wonderful Tim Holtz! We were instructed to bring NOTHING, so I hope that means we will be coming away with lots of wonderful Tim goodies! Can we say wow? I love all of his product, and looking forward to learning how to use more of it. I am in 2 classes today, if I had a sugar daddy we would all be in all of his classes! But 8 hours of time, will help me get my fill. And the best thing of it all will be Miss Elle will be there too! I do not think I have taken any classes with her, and it should be fun! I will be coming home with some very dirty hands, and it will all well worth it!

Mom and Cheryl will be going to Sandy's wedding. Aunt Jerry is not here in person to see her daughter get married, but I know she will be there in spirit. She passed away this time last year, which was her and Unclue Guys 50th wedding anniversary. Now there will be 1 more to walk down that isle! Kelly is the youngest, and the one who's boss is "cough" Condelissa Rice. Hopefully she is here to share in today as she lives over seas - hoping to hear that she did not have to go to Iran or Iraq. Maybe back to Russia or another one of those countries. Mom will be in her true fashion and ask 50 questions, and I hope so! And I hope she remembers the name of the country to tell me.

Well, need to get off of here and finish getting ready. Linda will be here in a few. Will check back in after classes to fill you in on it, for those of you that could not share the day. We will tap ink pads or something in your honor!

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Jenn said...

I hope you have a great time!