Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend wrap up

I guess I better blog since I have not in a few days. So, this one may be a little long as I have some wrap ups. I will try to keep it short - but you know me the only thing short is my size!

Skipping Thursday cause it really wasn't anything other than work. Friday at work my Aunt Mary called and said she was in Lakeland. One of her friends she worked with many years ago here in Tampa passed away, so she was here for only a couple of days to go to the funeral. I went over to Lakeland after work to see her. We went out to dinner to Macaroni Grill, she has never eaten there so we went. It was funny for her to try to pick something to eat. Almost everything had one item she did not like. She ended up getting the Chicken Alfredo and loved it. I stayed the night in Lakeland with her to spend a few more mins the next morning with her. That was the only time I got to spend with her, she will be back in November so I will see her again then.

Saturday morning drove home, talked to Miss Elle most the whole way home (thank you). She was on her way to Comp USA to get a laptop and Cody is looking into getting one - well he already has his mind set on the one he wants so there is no changing that. She gave me lots of great tips and insight information! Thank you again! Yes, Miss Elle giving computer information! Cody came home from USF (oh back up a little - he was chosen as a monitor in the USF recording studio, as he says "he has the keys to the kingdom". He is the volunteer for Sat 11-3 and Sun 11-3)we went to an early diner at Sonny's. I had a gift card that I bought for Jennifer, and I broke down and used it cause I did not go shopping yet (sorry Jenna, but I will buy you a new one this weekend when I get paid). Jennifer called me and informed me she was taking the boys to Stone Mountain with her friend Heather. She shared some of the pictures (earlier today - Sunday), and those boys - are just too damn cute for their own good! Thank you Heather for taking the crew while Josh brought Daryll back to the base!

Sunday, finishing up that recipe swap I am doing for the CTMH yahoo group. I have N and H, Found a "Hula Punch" as my H. And for N I did my favorite No Bake cookies my mom has made for years. Cody and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch as I had a freebie for them. I had never been, but Cody and I both decided we will be back! We ordered their sampler appetizer and there trio of wings. This is where you can chose 3 different sauces. We got Asian Zing, Mango Habanero, and Honey BBQ. On the Sampler we got hot, so needless to say our mouth was on fire! They had a ton of big screen and regular screen tv's with football on them! OK, a wing place on a Sunday afternoon is not a wise decision! We had to wait about 20 mins for a table, but that gave us time to choose our plan of attack. And the food was well worth the wait. Most of the place was a New England fan base and 2 awesome points of the game we were there to see it. What was so cute was Cody does not watch sports and does not know teams so I was telling him. Even though he does not watch sports he had a blast while we were there. When leaving he had already decided :the next time we go back lets try different things" So I guess he liked it.

Well, the gang are back or almost back. Kip already checked in for a moment. Welcome home ladies - can not wait to hear all the fun things and see all the great pictures. I will close for now, cause it is kind of long.


Jenn said...

:) NIce weekend! I really want you to check out my friend Katie's Blog; its on my page. She is a scrapbooker too and takes AMAZING PHOTOS! I admire her pics. She went to Alaska and has some random acts of photography. :)

Love u

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend, filled with lots of fun things. I'll take a tip from you and take Grant to the wing place, he should like that.

I hope your week goes quickly and smoothly :)