Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday already - darn it - editted

*** edited here - If you have not read, there was a girl at USF that came down with Bacterial Meningitis. Jessica was at a party with the girl and was in the hospital last night getting tests and medicine - small article was in the paper today - well just reading my sisters blog - and it was edited to..*****We learned alittle after 6pm that the girl has died. Please keep her family in your prayers. I can't imagine what they are going through. As you can imagine my DD is very upset. Three days ago they were laughing and sharing a bottle of water. Tonight one of them is gone and the other one has faced a reality that no one should have to face so young.

I know Cody is safe for now as they do not run in the same circles in school. Jess is in a frat house and has that crowd - Cody is in music and most friends are not in frats. Do not think they had any classes - but will watch out. How scarry school will be now!

Now what I already posted.,,,

Well, yes another wonderful crop! Linda just always makes the best out of anything! Slight change, she adjusts and makes it wonderful! Great company! Lois, that woman just cracks us up! Maura was there, been awile since I have seen her. Glad she was there, not only to see her but see some new fun TLC things. Bought sone and made it for a suprise for someone - they will see it really soon.

Taylor is 13 today, it will be a memorable birthday for him. What 13 year old would not like to be sang Happy Birthday too at midnight by 5 females? Ok, so we are not his age - but still he likes us and we like him! He is too funny and too cute, so polite and well behaved when people are around. And so cute seeing him walking to dinner with us holding his mothers hand (yes Linda we saw that). That is too sweet! Cody walked a step behind me when we went anywhere at 13, so that was just so loving to see!

Thanks Elle for the wonderful apples, ate mine just a bit ago. I was in bed all day until about 5pm. Well, Oscar got me up only 2 hours after I went to bed, then again a little bit after I finally fell back asleep. So the second time I woke up I had a headache. Read a few things on line then went back to bed about 11am, and got up about 5pm! Waisted a Sunday where I had many things to do, now would I repeat yesterday knowing how today would end up? In a nano second you bet you ass I would! Yesterday was well worth it, and I actually got a lot done.

Secret stocking plans are in our works, now you know sometimes I say things meaning one thing and they come out all wrong - hope you knew what I meant and did not take it the wrong way! Love you all!

Thoughts going out to Patrice, Elizabeth, Darryl (about to go to over seas), Barb, Jessica (hope tests come out clear), and everyone else!


:Jayne said...

Oh how terrible to lose a child. And they think they are invincible at that age.
It sounds like everyone had fun at the crop. I miss ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Hope the tests come back fine for Jessica, it must be very scary. I read about it in the paper yesterday. Bob said today that he heard on the radio that USF clinic is giving out shots to the students at $90 a pop! You'd think the school could just do it for the other students for free.

We did have a good crop, lots of fun!

Sorry about your headache, but so glad it's better today.


Kip said...

Yup, the crop was great as always. I wish I could have stayed later but hate that drive back at night.
Very sad about that girl. I sure hope Jess is okay.