Saturday, September 01, 2007

Missed last night

Well, I am a bad girl again and did not post Thursday night or Friday. Shame on me. Darn Cody stays on the computer and then I have limited time on for all the mail, blogs, and sites. I think he is doing it on purpose, cause he wants/needs a laptop. If he had his laptop he would not bother me on here. Brat! But then he is my son! Lucky for him I did not do much yesterday. After fighting the traffic driving home from work for 30 mins I had to go back into the traffic to take Cody to the bank. Which yes I pass by to come home. His Great Aunt Francis sent him some school money, and since school already started he had to get the money in the bank so he can buy some of his school books. Luckily coming back from the bank it was not as bad, but still!

I got up it was sunny out and thinking oh wow it will be a dry morning. Let Oscar out so he could go potty, I then went to the bathroom myself. Came over to turn on the computer - and I think the flood gates opened up! It started pouring buckets of rain! It never fails (Kip and Susie can contest to this) the next few days are very bad rain days, even hurricanes! Then it will let up a little and then come back around the 17th for Cody's birthday. In a little bit I will be heading on over to Linda's for some croppin good times. We will try to get some croppin done in between the visiting, the eating, and the drinking. I have a swap I need to work on. I joined the CTMH yahoo group even before becoming a consultant and they do swaps on there. I decised to join one. It is a recipe swap. Yes, I do not know why I join these when I do not cook! But what the heck! I have N and H to do, so I have 26x2 6x6 swaps to work on. Then I also have tons of other things I need to work on too and I know I will not finish, but I can try. Oh and do you think I am fully packed? Of coarse not. I did at about 1am get a few things together. I have a few more things I need to get. But since I have 13 peices of paper to cut down 1st, there is not much really that I need since it is pre-set. I did forget to get ink from Staples so I can not print out the recipies. I am going to do it ass backwards, but hopefully it will work.

Well, better get a move on. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will post sometime tomorrow. Have a great day!

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