Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yep, I am a slacker

Ok, here we go again. I just need to stay off of facebook and get a life! Then I would also have more to write. But lets see what I have done this past weekend.

Friday I had a half day at work, one of many to come my way until the end of the year. I stayed at work for lunch, and then left. Came home and got busy! I mowed the lawn, I cut back all of the hedge from next door that grew into our yard, and I pulled all the wild vine that was growing on the fence. Now when your working in the yard, it is better to have your dog in the house. Darn Oscar was right under foot the whole time. Looks alot better, but there is still more to go. May do it this Friday after my doctors appointmnet.

Saturday was Saraota, I know I have said it a hundred times before, but I love that place. And spending time with friends makes it all that much better. Now, it was a little tough food wise! I did not have any of Linda's tea, none of her wonderful yummy cooking, and not even a bite of her choclate cake. And the worst part of it all was Stacy brought her pumpkin desert! I drank my water and ate my food that I brought. I was such a good girl. I finished my recipe cards and my christmas cards. Bad girl did not get them done. Man there was some faboulous ones in the swap! I am not mailing them out, I wanna keep them. Now, I did not get started on my 1000 things I need to do. I will start those this weekend in Ruskin. So, much to do and so little time. That means I need to stay off the computer more at night.

Sunday, instead of working on my Christmas projects...I cleaned. I stopped when I filled up 2 of those great big trash bins outside that the City provides. Today is trash day, so now I will have them empty to start all over again. I found more stuff I want to get ride of. Wish I had a pickup truck so I could take some things to the dump. There is so much I want to get rid of, but can not put it into the trash. I am on a mission to de clutter. So, between de cluttering and Christmas projects..I will be one busy person!

Lots more to say...but need to get busy, since I am at work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


melanie said...

good for you and the energy and cleaning. I love it when a mood hits me like that. see ya sat

:Jayne said...

I wish I were closer to come to all of these crops!!! I miss you!

elle said...

gee, i'm tired now!! lol you go girl, i love to de-clutter and organize...i'm in heaven when i can organize....

keep it up michele, the end result is so worth the work.


Teresa said...

you are on a roll girl...LOVE to declutter. We are doing that over here too as well as working in the yard. Sure is a good feeling :-)