Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend recap

Friday went to the doctor, I usually do not like going to a male doctor..but he was nice. It is a great place out in Brandon, first impression was really nice. So, I think they are a keeper. Now, in a few mins I need to make my appointmnet for my mammagram. Yep, doing the works and following theu with it. Tried to pin point the last time I went to that kind of a doctor, and I do not know. It has been either 4 or 5 years. On the way to the Doctor I called Linda to ask a question, and she asked me if I wanted to go see Twillight. Well, that would be a heck yeah! This one was alot bette rthan the last one, special effects were really good. So glad they changed Directors and had money for this one, or they would not have been able to pull it off. It was the number one movie, like that was a shocker?

Saturday was Ruskin, we have not been there in forever it seems. Great time, lots of laughs. And Linda cooked something I could eat for dinner, so I did not miss out on her wonderful cooking. Now, I did miss the breakfast and lunch..but dinner only is perfectly fine by me! More than I had planned! Jennifer made it by with Twister. You think he is cute in pictures? OH NO! He is even more handsome in person. He is solid heavy, but still had to hold him so I could love on him even closer! I have my Christmas cards done, but now I actually want to make more! I am never satisfied!I might give some to Jennifer to give out, so then I can make more (lol).

Sunday - Linda, Diana, and I went to go see Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. It is based on a true story, and if you want to see a really heart felt touching movie...GO SEE THIS MOVIE! We all laughed and cried. Sandra Bullock is just wonderful in this movie, Tim McGraw is awsome, the kids in the movie were great too. It was great casting, and just plan all round good. Now, do not get discuraged by the very beginning of the movie. It does tie in the movie, but at first when your watching it..your asking..WHY? Just wait and you shall see. After the movies we went to Michaels and JoAnns. With coupons in hand we all got some great deals. Now Linda got a really great deal! Yes, more Christmas stamps for me...and a little something something for my Secret Stocking pal whome ever she may

Now, here we are on Monday morning. Month end for work was 2 days ago, so there will be lots of reports this morning. And I need to go make my phone call before I get started. Hope everyone has a great Monday.

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:Jayne said...

Did you ever send that stamp for me? I don't remember getting it.
I LOVED the Blind Side.