Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday is upon us

Who all is doing the happy dance? Well, all of us that work would be doing it. Those R E T I R E D get to do it every day. Love ya Kipper! Friday, and Pay Day is such a wonderful thing. I love the look of money in my checking account....until I start paying those dreaded bills. But, atleast I have some in there to look at for a little bit.

So, another half day today. Will eat my lunch here and then go run some errands here in Brandon. At 2:15 I have a "female" doctor appointment. Yes, I have finally made one.I can not remember the last time I went. I know it was a couple of years before we left the old building, and we have been here for over a year. I think maybe 4 years? Alot of people have given me a hard time for not going. Went to make the call and found out that the last doctor I went to had moved out towards 54, no longer near University Hospital. So, needless to say...I had to change doctors. A friend here at work goes to a different doctor that was in that same office, but no new people until after the year..maybe. Wanted to get the appointment in before the end of the year and insurance changes. Now, I am going to one a different friend goes to out here in Brandon somewhere. Guess I better get directions. They had the new patient forms on line so I filed them out last night. That is a great idea to save time.

I have another decision to help my moral...I get coupons in the mail all the time from Victoria Secrets for free panties (sorry Jenna). So, instead of just throwing them away, I will start getting them. So, I will have something nice to also help me feel better. I am going to start getting smaller sizes to look forward to.

OK, Pay Bills time. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Will try to blog later, but that is probablly unlikely lol.

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Teresa said...

woo panties :-) it's the little things in life...huh? Have a great day....