Thursday, October 01, 2009

The wonders of Hot Water

Ok, so being without hot water for about a week was something else. Showers were not that bad, until you stuck your head under the water. It was cold, but got really cold once my head got wet. So, needless to say hair washing was very quickly done and only a couple of times. I read the manual, and it said you had to turn off the power to the heater. That itself was a task. I could not find where the outlet was, seems there is not one like a air conditioning unit. Finally thanks to Teresa she advised me they just had the same issue with her Michelle's hot water heater. And advised me that they did not turn off any power to the darn thing. When I first pushed the button, I thought I would hear it running, it never made a sound. So I even checked on the lower panel too. Hands thrown up in the air and about to accept the fact that I would be taking more cold showers and how to figure out what to do to try to get warm since cool weather was coming.... for the heck of it I turned on the hot water faucet and it started getting warm, next thing I knew it was hot! It worked, but still never one bit of noise from the heater. Oh, then I decided to get a glass of tea and the fridge was off. Seems that when I was changing out all the fuses, I changed out a good one to a bad one. Changed that back out and all was good! What a night! All of this when I was supposed to be working on a baby book. Guess, I will be busy tonight. Going to see if she will give me a couple more days. I think the book is for her and not someone else, so it may work.

Well, need to get busy. Hope eveyone has a wonderful day!

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Teresa said...

normally, I would recc. shutting off the power to anything..but just to push the re-set wasn't really necessary. Just wanted to clear that up....LOL Didn't want people thinking that I play with the "old electricity thing"....NOOOOOOO...I am a BIG chicken :-)