Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weekend is just around the corner

And I have about 500 things on my to do list. The next two months are going to be slamming busy. That is both good and bad! Time will sneak up on us. And before we know it Christmas will be here. Are you ready for Christmas? I know I certainly am not anywhere close to it. Started my Christmas cards, but that is about it! That is one thing I plan to do on Sunday.

So, my nice sweet supervisor comes in announcing...I have candy. And Baby Ruth Bars to top that. I told him that starting tomorrow I can not have any candy. He replies to me "let's just see how well your will power is". Can we say ASSHOLE? Everyone else is on my side, great for you blah blah blah, and he already plans on tempting me with candy! Well, I am on a mission and I will have to get this thing done. I can not continue the way I am, and I really want to be comfortable for Utah! Was having a great day until that moment.

Well, gonna run and try to get back into a good mood. Need to go to Walmart or Target after work to get a George Foreman grill!

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