Monday, October 26, 2009

Short maybe?

Yes I am behind, so much to catch up on...but so little time. That is my fault I know! I need to get my Halloween cards together to mail. Need to finish a few projects for Georgia. I will be heading there Thursday after work. Well, took a half day Thursday and all of Friday, and then Monday too so I will be heading home on Monday. Decided against Atlanta on Monday also. It would be awesome to go to PW book signing, but That is ok. What all have you been up too? Me on the hunt for Christmas Stamps. Found some in stores, and then ended up ordering a few on line. Yep, I caved. My mom told me a few sets ago that I had enough. Enough Christmas stamps? NEVER! And since I will be making about 300, wanted a few different designs.

So, I started the Diet officially this past Saturday. Yes, just a few days. But this is alot easier than others I have done. Now, the only hard part for me is drinking the liquids. Come to find out I needed to drink from 40-60 more ounces in a day than what I was normally drinking. And let me tell you.....the bathroom is my new hangout! I know TMI. The first 3 days I eat nothing but protein, and on the 4th day I bring in a veggie. I am fine with protein, and I am full. Thanks to all the liquid I am drinking. I will be doing this awhile...a very long while! But the pay off will be amazing, watch out world! Now naturally I started this at the wrong timem There are 3 holidays coming up. But I know what I have to do, and I want to see results and I am determined to do this. I am tired of being Fat, Ugly, and Alone. So, I had to put my foot (well in this case food) down and get serious! Let my addictive personility shine thru and help me kick this! Now, you all know what the hardest part will be......LINDA'S COOKING! OMG I am so not looking forward to the Crops, But I need to do this, and as Jackie said, maybe one day in the future I can eat it again in moderation.

OK so much more to write, but so much things to do. Will post again tomorrow, Have a great night everyone

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