Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 days in a row

But lets not knock it, I get on a roll and then fall off the blogging posting wagon.

So, I started to read the Lucky one by N Sparks last night. Read only about 20 pages, but I was so tired. I laid down at 6:45pm next thing I knew my alarm was going off this morning. Thank goodness I set my alarm last night before I laid down or I would have been SOL! Now I did not sleep all the way thru the night, but I did not get up once. I missed all the shows last night, and Monday has so many. I will just watch/listen to some on line today while I work. I usually listen to something to block out the collections department that is right next to me. They get so loud some times I want to strangle a couple of them. And when it is a slow moment and they get to talking, I really want to strangle them. Just because they do not have calls does not mean others around them are not trying to work. So, headphones it is. I can block them out and concertrate on my work with music.

Can not wait to get off work today! I will pick up my purse from Bryan that Teresa made. I am so excited to get it! Pergect timing, tomorrow is October 1st! Well, better get a move on and get working so the day will fly by (fingers crossed). Have a wonderful day!

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jackflash said...

Hate to ruin your day, but tomorrow is Sept 30. Oct 1 has to wait until Thursday.