Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Was doing so good about blogging

I was on a roll, blogging everyday.....amd Kablam I missed Monday! UGH! But then it was any other usual Monday...get up, play yoville, break eggs, farm, bejewelled blitz, get ready for work, go to work, come home, repeat facebook things, go to bed later than I should! Well, now one good thing did come out of being on Facebook last night, there is a guy friend from work (well sometimes he is a friend when he is not being a butthead) and I was talking and I told him about the roof leak and he offered to come over and look at it. At first I thought he was joking, and the more we talked I realized he was serious. Is that not nice or what? Now, I will have to be nice and owe him (lol). He is coming over tonight after work. He just had to do a couple of patch jobs on his roof, so he has the tools and stuff left over.

And now it is Tuesday. This morning I had to be at work early as we had a company meeting across the street at the Middle school. Fun walk to and from, and really fun time sitting in the bleachers! Big mistake.....do not sit across from your supervisor and your department director in the front row where you can be seen! Sit same side and back behind them just in case you get a laughing fit or feel the need to drop your mouth in shock or roll your eyes at what is said. Just might get seen when you do not want to get seen. But they were laughing too, and one laughed more as he knew what I had my laughing fit over. Worse yet, do not say out loud (only two people heard me) ...."he looks fimiliar" about one of the guest speakers without realizing who he is. Alexis had to remind me in a Michele fashion.."well he should you had your picture taken with him in AZ"! He was in a suit in AZ he was casual at the meeting (sounds like a good excuse).

Ok, break time is over. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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elle said...

hope you get your roof fixed!

we'll forgive you for not blogging yesterday!

have a good evening :)