Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last Day of the FGT crop

I dread when Sunday rolls around for the weekend crops. I wish Saturday would last just a little bit longer. Had a wonderful day, but not very productive yesterday. I ended up not doing my recipe book. Kathy did print out the directions so I have those. I Will more than likely let my mom put it together to give her something to do. I ended up going to Michaels 2 times, and missed out on an awesome sale they had. I had a few things in my hand to buy the first time I went, but I did not want to pay the price they had it as. And yet others went to Michaels and they had marked it down after I left. They only paid $2.97 when I was there it was priced full price of $14.99! So, a few of us ran back to Michaels, and in 10 mins time they already sold out of them. There was lots when I was there earlier, and then now all gone. Guess I should have tried to buy it and would have been happy to find it on sale. I would have the 4 different ones of them that they had. Also, bought some books at a wonderful used book store that they have in town here. The owner just so happens to be named Linda. She has a massive store will thousands of books, and can walk you right to the book you are looking for. I all different authors, not just one series.

Well, people will be arriving so I better wrap up here. Need to pack up my stuff so I will be ready to check out people and then ready to help pack up the trailor. I think this runs til 3pm so I will be home about 7pm. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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