Sunday, July 19, 2009

Step away from Farm Town

OK, I have to limit my farming. It has taken control of my mind. I play for hours. Now, yesterday I did get some work on my car done, will have to get more in 2 weeks when I get paid again. Gotta do little bits each paycheck. And I did read another Nicholas Sparks book called The Rescue. Started it at the car place, and read it yesterday afternoon. Yes, another book in one afternoon. See, ADDICTIVE personality! So, I have decided I have to limit my Farm Town. I do not have to catch up to Kip in 1 weeks time. I did have a goal to make it to level 27 this weekend and I did that Saturday morning. Now it is Sunday night and I am halfway to level 28. I was a nice person...I was hired by someone that was only on level 3 with maybe 8 crops to harvest. Felt bad that he was hiring me, so I hired him to do my raspberries and to plow too. So that helped him out some, not a lot but some. OK, blogging about farming...addicted!

Publix has a Mediterranean Roasted chicken in their deli....delish! The one on Busch finally had one so I bought it! Heard from 2 different people it was yummy, and yes it is. But then is Publix!

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