Thursday, June 04, 2009

Past brought back to present day

So, since I have been on Facebook I have been reunited with some friends from High School. Well, one was in my Yearbook class. Yes, I was on the Yearbook Staff! He has been posting pictures that he still has that made it to the Yearbook and did not make it to the Yearbook, as well as ones he was given. Now all of my old pictures were torn up my my ex-husbands friend one night so I do not have any. Last night Mark posted a Senior picture that I had given to him, and my Prom picture. So, here I am at my Senior Prom with my ex husband. You can tell it is a picture from the 80's


Cheryl said...

WOW. I have some pictures of you from that time. So cute!

Mary said...

I love that pic!!! I just hooked up with one of my old partying buddies, that I haven't seen since 1992! She has a kid now (about 8 or 9, looks like.) Man, I am getting old.

Teresa said...

REally good picture of you. I am glad you got it back. :-)