Tuesday, June 09, 2009

4 day catch up

Try to make this short..
Friday: Went to work until 2pm, after that I got on the highway headed for Georgia. It some rain in a few spots. But man did it rain up near Georgia so hard I could not even see the end of my car. That made it really interesting driving. Made it to GA about 7pm. The boys did not hear me drive up so I did not get greated with hugs and kisses. But the smiles on their faces when they realized I was standing there made it all better. I found an old PLaystation game that I used to love - Bubble Bobble. Since I do not have the Playstation anymore I brought the game to GA with me. Josh and I played first, and then Tyler and I played. Tyler thought it was cool. He even found that he had it on his DS so he played it on there too.
Saturday: Was G's 5th birthday party at CEC. There was a couple of little ones that have never been there before, so they really loved it. I went to take a picture, and I did not have my memory card in the camera. Talk about mad! Jennifer took pictures, so it is all good. Came home and Jennifer and Josh went off with friends, they needed a night out. Dylan, Gavin, and I played Monopoly. Well, Gavin did not last but 30 mins and he was done with that. So, just Dylan and I played.
Sunday: The boys played on the slip-n-slide, other than that it was pretty much a lazy day. Josh cooked out on his fathers day present, and man was it yummy! The boys even ate more than usual as they really loved it too. This night Tyler and I played Monopoly. He actually almost beat me, but I told him he won. It was so close, but he still lost. We play the Looney Tunes Monopoly. They love the charchters. Tyler and I played Bubble Bobble again, he says he is going to practice and kick my butt when I go back up there in October.
Monday: Did not sleep too well, so I was up way too early. I left before Jennifer and the boys left for the day. Did not hit any rain coming home, but there was lots of smoke or fog never figured out what it was. Made it home no problems. Started to watch some of my taped shows and fell asleep. Slep about 3 hours. Guess I slept hard as my mom said she was standing outside my window talking to the UPS guy. Did not hear her at all. Came back early to get things done, and slept most of the day away. So, needless to say nothing that I wanted or needed to do was done. Even left my stuff from GA in the car. I had to potty when I got home, and I knew Oscar would take a few mins to get past him. So, I had every intention to go back out and get the stuff out of the car....oops!

So, now it is Tuesday and I am at work. Need to get busy and check all my eamil. I did not check it once while I was away. Normally I check it every few hours. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Jules. hope it is a great one!

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