Monday, June 22, 2009

Catch up Monday

Instead of Not Me Monday's, I guess I should just call mine Catch Up Monday's! Seems like I get carried away over the weekends and do not post. Need to break that habit. So, here we go.

Thursday, nothing but a busy day at work so I will skip that and move onto Friday: Very busy day at work since Alexis was off. Tried to start leaving by 4:25pm, but did not leave until 6pm. Headed to Babies R Us to pick up a baby shower gift. I forgot which one it was this time, and I printed out the wrong list at first. I knew she was having a boy, but yet the list was all for girl items so I knew I was wrong. The list in the system was for Delaney who is 17 months old, you would think it would be out of the system by now? Right as I went to leave I saw my friend Michelle's car, so I went back in and found her. So I helped her shop. Then we ran into two of the FOC guys shopping to.
Saturday: Drove to Michelle's house and then we rode together to the Baby Shower, it was at the Aquatic Club inside Fishhawk Ranch. Really nice place, but not when it is hot out and you want to go swimming. Yes, scrapbooker me did not have my camera with me to take pictures. The Baby shower was amazing, they put alot of time and thought into the party. Great decorations, and the food was something else. I mean steak and chicken skewers, greek salad, fruit with the chocolate fountain, and much much more. And drinks was those Jones Bottle drinks from Target. Which were funky flavors that hardly anyone drank. Well, they did have Root Beer so I had one of those, no biggie difference. Brought home a Creme Soda for mom and she said it was good. After the Shower Michelle and I went to LA Fitness. She is already a member, and now so am I. Yes, I joined a gym. And no I will not quit next week. I can not quit, I have many many many many many pounds to loose. Loose clothes that are way to big in size now are snug, is a big wake up call let me know I have to do something and fast! And I looked in the mirror the other day for the first time, and OUCH! I have a few goals in mind, and a few that I can not share on here. I did weigh myself this morning, and tonight I will do the dreaded measurements. Yes, I am also going to eat healthy. Good thing Morning Star is on sale B1G1 free at Publix this week. So, I will be stocking up the freezer with some of that stuff. I bought it before, and liked it. So now this will help That I can get the patties, the ground fake beef, the chicken strips, and will go back tomorrow and see what else they have. I did have a coupon for the patties, but not the other stuff so that helped even more.
Sunday: It was my mother's birthday. Was going to take her to Ikea, but she did not want to go. Neither of us really had the money to go either (I did prior to Saturday). Will go some other time. But we did end up going to Chili's for a late lunch early dinner. Funny thing is, out of all the places in sister and her husband was there too! They went to MOSI to see the Bodies exhibit and was killing time before seeing a IMAX movie. I saw her car and was just about to call her to see if it was really her, and she came walking out the door. So we joined them for dinner. Has been way too long since we have seen them and especially Larry. After dinner Mom got her free Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for her birthday, and I tried that new Jello Ice cream one. Let me tell you, being a chocolate lover still does not allow you to finish the ice cream. It was a chocolate coma waiting to happen if I would have attempted to finish the whole thing.
Now of coarse the whole weekend I did play Egg Breakers! I was so excited that they added a level 15! Already bought all the prizes that I could buy on that level too. Really wish they would let us buy stars and not just hammers with our coins. I mean, I already bought all the prizes I can, I already bought all the hammers I should this morning and I still have 228,785,554 coins. Come on people let me buy more. At this moment I am still in 1st place, but I have a feeling I will get a sneak attack from Dawn any day now lol. That game is so addictive. Now, I need a Farm Town class so I can jump on that band wagon. I have no clue what to do, I am sure I really should not as I am sure I will get hooked on that too. And then there is Bejewled Blitz. I have no clue how I got a really high acore on that too. I can go from playing it and only getting 9,000 to getting 176,700. I do not know.

Ok rambling I better get busy off of here. Lots of work to do today. Driving past the Work Force place in the mornings puts my mind straight. Have a great day everyone!

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