Thursday, May 28, 2009

I really need to get a handle on my addictive tendencies

Yes, I finished True Believer last night about 7pm. I was not going to pick up and read At first Sight since I made the mistake of reading the last page of the book. Being the person that I am.........I picked it up and started reading it anyways. Did not really feel like watching TV so I thought I would read for just a little bit. That little bit turned out to be putting the book down at 1:30am after I finished reading the whole thing. Not just a few chapters, no THE WHOLE BOOK! Why do I do this? I know I can pick right back up where I left off the next day, I do not need to read the whole book. Especially on a week night when I should be in bed sleeping. I get sucked in, and I just have to know what happens next. I get to a good part, and I just have to find out how it plays out. Now what to read next? I have so many books at my house right now. Not sure who or what will be next. I picked up Firefly Lane, so I think that will be the rest of this weeks book. I will not read it all tonight. I need sleep.

Lets talk Egg Breakers for a moment (Speaking of addictive personality). So usually I will play in the morning and a little at night. Well, this morning trying to wake up I started playing as usual. Those darn Silver eggs were not nice to me. I got 5 "nothings" in a row. I held off from using my multiplyer, and yet when I did after the 3rd one....figured I would not get another nothing! I had over 1200 in multipliers and silver doubles what you have already...thinking man I need to score some stars. Came up with a big fat -0-. This morning was a bad egg day. I wish they would let us buy stars with coins not feathers. I have so many coins waiting to buy something and there is nothing to buy. Well I can buy hammers, but they double the cost very quickly so I do not want to buy too many. Think I might send a siggestion to let us buy stars with coins. Enough on this...yes see a d d i c t e d

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Teri said...

when you figure out how to break these addictions, PLEASE let me know.