Friday, May 08, 2009

I am here

GUess your tired of looking at the cat playing Monolopy? I think he is so adorable. I will be checking in on a few starting on Sunday since Mary and Sammy will be on their Cruise. While on the subjects of cats. J and I went over to Miss Marsha's house yesterday and they have two cats. They were very friendly. One that said does not get up in anyones lap but their sons. Well, add my name to that list. After a little while that we were there he was up in my lap for a moment, then laid on the couch beside me and behind J. He started biting her butt, it was funny!

Try a quick catch up? Wednesday I went over to the Division office for a meeting, had my hand slapped, along with others. And then found out we were doing something that no one else another hand slap. But we did not know we were not suppoed to be doing it, especially since Sept 08, and that no other region has ever been doing it. Opps! I guess better to find out now, than alot longer further down the road. Now we are awaiting the fix. After the meeting I headed up to GA to see the C family. Never heard from my son, so I guess he was not going to come with me. I had to stop at Zaxybe's to bring dinner home to teh C family. I promised D Zax when I brought his mom home from AZ. Since I did not do it, I had to keep my promise this trip. Nice little visit before they all had to go to bed.

Thursday J and I went to Valdosta instead of Albany shopping. She started a new job and has a dress code. To help ease some of her worries for work, I wanted to get her a few new outfits. Ross is her new best friend! We found some really great deals and really nice things there, now would have been more...but they were too big on her. Wish I could have bought her alot more clothes than I did. But she is over happy and very thankful for what she got. I can still wish though! While out and about in Valdosta J got a call about the YMCA for the boys. I am so thrilled they will be going to the YMCA for the summer. They have a great program there. Each week it is a different theme for 10 weeks. 1)Friendship 2)American Idol 3)Safari 4)Mad Scientists 5)Around the World 6)God Bless America 7)Holiday 8)Movie 9)Survivor 10)Blast from the past. That all sounds like so much fun. And then they also get to go on a couple of field trips. One to The World of Coke in Atlanta, to Chehaw Park over in Albany, and then the Cinema Six. They will not be in the same groups since they are a few years apart. There are so many reasons why this is a great thing...I can not begin to express, besides getting out of the house, getting interaction with other kids of ther than just your brothers, not on the game systems all day long, not inside or outside bothering each other, etc.

Friday: So far today...I broght J to work this morning for her first day. She looked so beautiful! Well, she always does but more so today. After that I went to T's school for an awards program. I get there and realize I do not remember what grade he is in or what his teachers name. Since this is his first year at this school I realized it had to be 4th grade. So, off I went to the correct side of the gym. Then it was by teachers, that I do not know. The only teachers name I know is the one from last year that he really likes. I was 3 classes off from where he sat, but I was still able to get pictures and that is all that matters. Went to Chick-Fl-A and ordered the food for tomorrows gathering. I decided I wanted it to be special since he will be 10! From there I went to Wal-Mart, this was only trip number 2. I am slacking off! By now I usually am there 4 or 5 times. Instead of big bags of chips, I bought those individual bags. Do you know how fun it is to decide wht you think 10 yr old little boys would want to eat? There was 6 different type of variety bags ranging from 20-22 bags inside. Then they had 12pks of all one kind for 68cents cheaper. So, I got some of the all same kinds and 2 variety packs. Next I am off to decide on drinks! Now tomorrow is an inside and outside event. There will be a ton of people there (or atleast I hope so) and it will be 90 degrees. How many 2 liters do you think will be enough? I bought 16 2 liters and 2 24packs of water. I might have screwed up though as I bought alot of different choices. After I did that I realized I should have just bought 4 or 5 different kinds Not one of almost every pepsi flavor there is and 2 of the more common favorites. I think J's mouth will drop when she gets home from work. Almost time for the boys to get here. I need to go figure out some wrapping present for T's present. He has no clue what I have done for him. He will be beyond happy! I did get him what he wanted, but also got him ALOT of games to go with it. Oh speaking of, I need to call the company and complain!

Well, need to get busy before they get here in a little bit. Will try to post some tomorrow to let you know how the party goes. Fingers crossed it goes very well for him and all his friends do show up that said they would. I just do not want him let down!

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