Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad me again

I did have every intention to blog will I was in Georgia, but I was a tad bit busy so I did not make it. Now, I have to play catch up....

Saturday was very busy! First I took Gavin and Dylan to a birthday party for Gavin's classmate Case, at a gymnastics place. It was really cool and the boys had a blast. Thought it would wear them out, no such luck! They were wired for sound. After that party I ran to Chick-Fl-A to get the food for the party. Since it looked like not enough once I delivered it to the party I went to Little Ceasers pizza. I picked up 4 large pizza's and got a free thing of crazy bread. All of that was gone after the party. So, I am glad I get get the pizza. At Tyler's party alot of kids from his class showed up. I am so glad they did ad it was not just family and friend of the family. He said it was the best birthday party ever, so I guess he was happy. Here is one picture from the party. It was a "teaser" gift from me. Since I got him a DS and did not want it brought to the party I got him a carry case and that is what I gave him. Does he look like he was happy?

He got lots of great gifts, and loves the camera that Cheryl got him too. He was so greatful for all of his gifts. He said they were all the greatest anyone could ever want.

Sunday went to J's church. I love her church. The people there are so wonderful! I forgot dress clothes, so I had on capris and a dress shirt and I dressed it up with dress shoes. I was not frowned upon like some church members do at other churches. They were happy that I was there, and to me that is how it should be! Not what you wear, but that you are there. After Church we had lunch at this place called Locos. It was really good. They had friend pickles on the menu, but they were out so I could not order any. Guess I just have to go again sometime. It is not like I wont be up there again in about 3 weeks for Gavins birthday party. It was getting late so I had to head home, I left my cell charger at home so I had to get a car charger. I did not want to drive all the way home with a dead cell phone. Walmart was out when I went there, so I went to Radio Shack. They did not have one either at the price I wanted to pay, naturally they had this new thing (maybe old I do not know) but it is one charger that you buy adapters for to change out to charge many different things. So, I could get one for my moms and even for my camera! WOW! A little pricey, but just one charger for all different phones is a great idea. Made it to Mary's to check on her kids. They were really happy to see me. Ginger ran out the from door and I freaked out thinking "great just checking on the kids and already loose one on the first day". Came back in no problems. I stayed about 30-45 mins loving on them. But miles and Ginger was giving me dirty looks and meowing at me when I was trying to leave. I just cried half way driving back from GA, I did not need them giving me a guilt trip too. I will go back over there tomorrow and stay about an hour this time.

Monday. Very busy hectic day at work, but I have a great job that I can not complain about. Just some of the people there are least to be desired, but that is true with all jobs. So, you just have to put on that smile....and smile. Then when almost the day was over, I realized I had a doctors follow up today. I am still coughing, still can not stop! Yes I have more meds for it but even after a week of this new meds...nothing! Not going away. Blood pressure was ok they said. I still have to log it, well first I have to remember to write it down. So, no blood pressure meds today, but will know in 8 weeks. Now, I am trying to get caught up on emails and blogs and I guess I should handle mail too. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead.

And most of all....Jill not Goodhart, she is Amazingheart!


Cheryl said...

Welcome back. Sounds like the birthday boy had a great time.

Kip said...

great name for Jill!!