Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where did Monday go?

So, it is Tuesday already and almost noon. This week is flying bye bye bye. Kind of glad, as it would be steps closer to Tylers Birthday Party next month. What is new with all of you? I forgot to mention that when I went to the doctors the other day she wanted to put me on High Blood Pressure pills. I guess I do not want to accept that I have HBP so I asked to wait it out til next appointment to make sure it was not just because I was coughing up a lung! I am still coughing but not as severe. Well, not today though. I think it is coming back to piss me off. And so everyone will look at me and accuse me of having that Swine Flu. I DO NOT HAVE THE FLU! So, I took my blood pressue yesterday after work and it was 144/84, and this morning it was 139/72. They want me to take it 2 times a day. Well, that alone will make anyone mad as they have to waste gas and go to a place to have it checked. More than likely when ever my next appointment is...I will be told to take the meds. UGH!

Well, better get back to work. Have a great day


Jenn(ifer) said...

120/80 is normal...so those last few numbers were not that bad. The bottom number is the number that is the 'serious' one...and the 72 is pretty good. Sounds like you're BP may have been elevated from the stress of going to the doctors. But...you probably are to expect some HBP issues, so you may want to start doing things to nip that in the bud now!!

Cheryl said...