Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday night almost gone

So, how was your weekend? Mine went quick, way too quick. Saturday was the Sarasota crop. Great as always, food, company, and actual card making. I think I made about 75 cards once all said and done. Only needed to make two, but got on a roll.

Today I went over to Kips to bring her a CTMH book, and I got some books to read from her. I am on a reading kick, but need to slow down the process. I set a goal of 25 books to read this year. I thought I was already at 8, but Linda advised me I was wrong about the Twillight Series. Thought it was this year that I read them, but seems that it was last year. So, I had to take those off my list. I have about 10 books in my possession right now. I walked in wondering how much Rock would remember me since it has been a couple of months since I have seen him. Only took him seconds to realize who I was. I got a ton of kisses from all three of them. I was sitting on the couch and Mudgy laid beside me with his head on my lap. I remember when I had to give him dog bisquits just to get him to come near me, not no more. He comes right to me. Oscar was not happy with me when I got home to say the least! After Kips, I stopped by the scrapbook shoppe as Kathy said they were having a sale. Not too much on sale, which was ok by me as I really should not have stopped at all! When I got there, Kathy was there so I got to see her for a few minutes. After that I stopped at a used book store. I got a few more to add to the stack she gave me. I did buy Sugar Daddy and Blue Eyed devil! Really liked the books, that I had to have them. Then I stopped at The Fresh Market. That was a big mistake. You do not go shopping at a little higher priced store when you are hungry! Spent a bit of money there, but it will be so yummy eating!

Did not try to recover my pictures yet still, and did not balance the checkbook yet. Should have done that before I went off. Better do that now or in the morning. I am actually really tired and might fall asleep soon!

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